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      Tai shiqiao city and Beijing mining research institute cooperation to develop the magnesium industry
      Source: | Author:jubaolongnaihuo | Published time: 2017-09-19 | 793 Views | Share:

      Yingkou magnesite material high-tech industrialization base and mining and metallurgy research institute of Beijing technology strategic cooperation agreement signed in Beijing, the two sides will in yingkou magnesite material new and high technology industrialization base magnesite purification, magnesium resource utilization technology research and development cooperation.
      Yingkou magnesite material new and high technology industrialization base the predecessor to yingkou magnesite material industrialization base for the country, and approved by the state ministry of science and technology, 2002, in September 2011 changed its name and by the national ministry of science and technology review.
      Because of dashiqiao yingkou region the magnesia mineral resources and 98% of all the processing enterprise as the base of the core, take the main task of the magnesium base construction, so the magnesium base the ac in dashiqiao government.
      Over the years, the national, provincial and municipal science and technology department, under the guidance and support of magnesium base construction achieved rapid development, has formed a set of exploration, mining, processing, mineral intergrowth, sales for the integration of magnesia refractories, metal magnesium and magnesium alloy materials and magnesia, magnesia chemical building materials four big industrial system, is one of the twelve of the whole province provincial government demonstration industry group.