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      Products details

      Ladle spray


      Name: ladle spray
      Model: ZMGB-P series
      Features: high adhesion strength, low rebound rate, good sintering, erosion resistance and erosion resistance
      This series of products are designed according to the special construction process, spray on the slag line of the ladle and the local easily damaged parts, or spray the molten pool continuously. Depending on the action, the selection of plate corundum, high purity magnesia, spinel and other raw materials, adding unique admixture is made. This series of products with high adhesion strength, lower resilient rate, good sintering property, scouring resistance, erosion resistance and other characteristics, ladle slag line, molten pool is cold, hot repair good material, so as to improve the service life of the ladle.
      Packing: woven bag 1000Kg/bag. Pay attention to moistureproof, the shelf life is 6 months, the lump is not used.