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      Products details

      Anhydrous stemming


      Name: no water cannon
      Model: ZMT-WP series
      Features: good anti-erosion resistance, easy to plug, good opening, resistance to erosion and environmental protection
      Production of magnesium in the holding furnace stemming, using corundum, coke, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and coke particle materials and binder, admixture, and can design products according to different concrete blast furnace. This series product has plasticity and good bonding effect, easy to squeeze into and fill the space and the gap, easy and taphole opening, can accept smaller after high temperature burning, does not crack, sintering and high crushing strength, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, durability of consistent with the conditions of iron.
      Packing method: woven bag, 1000Kg/bag; Corrugated box, specification 20Kg/box, etc.
      Precautions: moisture-proof and avoid high temperature.
      Shelf life: 6 months.