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      Products details

      Rapid baking type blast furnace is used to cast iron ditch


      Name: quick roasting blast furnace out of iron ditch used for casting
      Model: zmt-j series
      Features: good slag resistance, strong scouring ability and high iron flux.
      This series of products are mainly used in the main ditch of the iron ditch, the iron ditch, the slag ditch, the swing trough, the iron ditch, etc. The Al2O3-SiC-C casting material is used in the working lining of large - medium blast furnace. With high corundum, bauxite clinker and silicon carbide, graphite and other main materials, with pure alumina cement as binder and adding admixture, construction is convenient, when using, can quickly baking, has high strength, good liquidity, slag erosion resistance is strong, good erosion resistance, use for a long time.
      Packaging: woven bag packaging; 50 kg/bag.
      Precautions: the product should be protected against moisture and the expiration date is 6 months.