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      Products details

      Iron ditch is free from baking


      Name: iron ditch to avoid baking
      Model: ZMT-DD series
      Features: high strength, erosion resistance, good scouring resistance and long life
      Iron ditch without baking ramming material is suitable for the single of taphole of middle and small blast furnace iron groove, is high with corundum, bauxite clinker and silicon carbide and other main material, made of binder and adding additive, construction is convenient, need not when using roasted, has high strength, good bonding, slag erosion resistance is strong, good erosion resistance, use for a long time, apply to the blast furnace iron groove is used.
      Packaging: woven bag packaging; Specification 50kg/bag, 25kg/bag.
      Note: the product should be kept sealed and the warranty period is three months.