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      Products details

      Calcium magnesium brick


      Name: magnesium calcium brick
      Model: ZMO- C20, C30 series
      Features: high temperature mechanical strength, good thermal shock stability, excellent anti-chemical dip, high temperature creep and purification of steel water
      The product is high quality magnesite and dolomite as raw materials, adopting two-step calcining process (light burned, fine grinding, ball or as a blank, dead burning) calcium magnesium made from sand first, then according to different needs, choose the appropriate MgO style/CaO, crushing, mixing, molding, high temperature burn becomes. With high temperature and strong mechanical strength, good thermal stability, resistance to chemical impregnation is excellent, good high temperature creep and can purify molten steel and is an ideal material to use stainless steel smelting, used in AOD furnace, VOD furnace, ladle lining.