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      Products details

      The middle pack is coated and sprayed


      Name: intermediate coating spray paint
      Model: zmz-tm, zmz-pt series
      Features: simple construction, good corrosion resistance, long service life, easy to disintegrate after use, no pollution of steel water
      The tundish coating has simple construction, long service life, excellent slag erosion performance, easy to disintegrate and non-polluting steel water after use. It has become the preferred intermediate lining material for most mills.
      The series products are made of high quality magnesia, magnesia calcium sand, dolomite, etc., which can be used as the main raw materials, such as the combination of combining agent, plasticizer and fiber.
      Construction methods: artificial coating and mechanical spraying.
      Packing method: woven bag; Specifications: 1000Kg/bag, 25Kg/bag.
      Precautions: pay attention to moistureproof and drenching rain, do not use the lump.