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      Products details

      The ladle is made of magnesium-carbon brick and low carbon magnesia carbon brick


      Name: magnesium carbon brick and low carbon magnesium carbon brick
      Model: ZMMG series
      Features: good high temperature performance, good slag resistance, good thermal shock stability, high refractoriness
      This series of magnesia carbon brick with high purity fused magnesia or large crystal fused magnesia, high purity graphite as the main raw material, adding the right amount of antioxidants, phenolic resin as binder, via high pressure molding process of production.
      The product is mainly used in the slag line, the molten pool and the bottom of the bag, especially when applied to the slag line, the service life can be significantly higher than other refractory materials. The product has the advantages of high strength, good slag resistance, good thermal shock stability and high temperature performance. The magnesia carbon bricks can be selected according to the conditions of smelting and different kinds of steel.