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      Products details

      Slag ball


      Name: block ball
      Model: ZMZ - DZQ
      Features: high strength and slag residues
      As the surface of the molten steel decreases gradually as the molten steel surface decreases, the vortex will form in the upper part of the steel mouth, which can easily get the slag into the ladle. Into slag after the ball, with the aid of the role of the vortex, slag ball is above to the tapping hole, prevent the steel slag in the ladle of molten steel to continue from the slag ball and comes out of the gaps between the tapping hole, to achieve the purpose of reduce quantity of slag.
      This product has the characteristics of high strength, easy operation and good slag retaining effect.
      Packing method:
      Wooden cases or tons of bags; Precautions: moisture-proof; Shelf life: 6 months