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      Products details

      Electric furnace spraying material


      Name: electric furnace spraying material
      Model: ZMDP- series
      Features: low rebound rate, high adhesion strength, fast sintering speed, erosion resistance and erosion resistance
      Electric furnace series gunning materials is in accordance with the construction characteristics and the characteristics of the electric furnace steelmaking process, with less than 3 mm high quality magnesia calcium, magnesium, sand, dolomite as raw materials, such as such as poly phosphate binder, admixture. This series of products have the advantages of high adhesion strength, low resilience rate, fast sintering speed, erosion resistance and erosion resistance, etc., which are ideal materials for cold and hot repair of various parts of the electric furnace.
      Packing methods and precautions: packaging of woven bags; Specification 1000kg/bag; Pay attention to moistureproof