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      Products details

      Furnace cover and furnace cover


      Name: furnace cover and furnace cover
      Model: ZMDLG - 1
      Characteristics: thermal shock stability, corrosion resistance, long life
      The electric furnace and refining furnace cover cover is frequently according to the furnace cover material from the erosion of thermal shock and steel slag, gas heat radiation of arc the use of harsh conditions, such as choosing advanced aggregates, the superfine powder technology, additive and efficient additive, scientific formula, strict ingredients, and made.
      The furnace cover and the furnace cover have the characteristics of good anti-thermal shock stability, good erosion resistance and long life. Suitable for use in ordinary electric furnace, ultra high power electric furnace, refining furnace and VD furnace.
      Packaging: according to customer requirements.
      Precautions: moisture-proof; The shelf life is 6 months after delivery.