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      Products details

      Electric furnace magnesia carbon brick


      Name: magnesium carbon brick of electric furnace
      Model: zmdmc-12c, 14C, 16C, 18C
      Features: strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability and high refractoriness
      Electric furnace with magnesia carbon brick is according to the different electric furnace and its use parts and different using conditions and the design and manufacture, with high purity fused magnesia or large crystal fused magnesia, high purity graphite as the main raw material, adding the right amount of antioxidants, phenolic resin as binder, after high pressure forming.
      It is mainly used in the furnace lining of the furnace, and has direct contact with steel water and slag, which has good corrosion resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability and so on.
      Packing method: wooden pallet.
      Precautions: pay attention to moisture-proof and light release.