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      • Tai shiqiao city and Beijing mining research institute cooperation to develop the magnesium industry

        Tai shiqiao city and Beijing mining research institute coope......


        Yingkou magnesite material high-tech industrialization base and mining and metallurgy research institute of Beijing technology strategic cooperation agreement signed in Beijing, the two sides will in yingkou magnesite material new and high technology industrialization base magnesite purification, ma......

      • Liaoning

        Liaoning's magnesia materials industry alliance was establis......


        The alliance will integrate resources to integrate resources with existing advantages, expand the development space, realize the complementary advantages of enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

      • At present, China

        At present, China's refractory materials to energy conservat......


        Over the years, the manufacturer of refractories has shrunk, and its output has grown smaller and smaller. This is related to the function of refractory materials and the policy of seeking. The application of refractory materials is to resist the corrosion of high temperature and slag. The policy is......